A comedy web series about a bright eyed twenty-something juggling a slew of absurd, soul crushing day jobs, while she struggles to make it as an actress in New York.


Molly, dead inside, working in Times Square.


New to Manhattan and still not jaded, twenty-something Charly Reynolds strives to make it as an actress, while juggling a plethora of degrading day jobs and navigating all the weird characters that come with them. Each episode, she tries holding down a different, soul crushing gig, while running from audition to audition, hoping to get noticed and take her career to the next level. Though Charly tries to stay positive, with every rejection and strange new side hustle, it’s impossible not to ask: What am I doing here?



New York City. Not the rich and ritzy NYC or the grungy crime ridden streets you see on TV. No this is the everyman’s NYC, filled with absurdity, coincidence, and passed over places. unforgiving and fickle, it’s filled with New Yorkers trudging through the daily grind.