Alex, Molly and Jarrod just got back from our pilot premiere in Los Angeles as part of The HollyWeb Festival! They had a fantastic turnout for our block and the pilot was received as warm as the weather was in LA! They also had the opportunity to meet and mingle with several other filmmakers.
A very motivating and exciting trip! We can’t wait to continue sharing our show with all of you.



This past week included 50+ hours of shooting in 5 days (and 1 overnight!). We have officially filmed the first 3 episodes of WHAT AM I DOING HERE?

Wow! I cannot begin to express the pride and humility I feel toward our team for how efficient and positive they were through these jam-packed days. We achieved every moment we needed to capture, thanks to the crews vision and problem solving! The cast had their game faces on with brilliant moments constantly at the ready to be recorded.




I had the great fortune of traveling to Nosara, Costa Rica in November 2016 with a group of actors for an artistic retreat hosted by Alaine Alldaffer.  Before we left, she told us we would work on "Genesis Projects."

A genesis project is an original piece of work that, ideally, you have not shared with anyone before. It could also be something you've been meaning to work on but haven't had the opportunity to begin. The point is not to stress or to labor over it, but to make sure you are doing yourself a service by taking the time to explore it with a new audience. Some people created movement pieces, wrote poetry (see below), and shared personal stories. I tried my hand at writing for the first time, and so, "What Am I Doing Here?" was born.

"What Am I Doing Here?" found it's voice on the beach in Costa Rica surrounded by an amazingly supportive group of artists. I had this idea in my head for years and figured if I was ever going to try it, now was the time. Alaine created a nurturing and explorative environment that removes the fear and necessitates that sort of risk-taking work. My peers offered valuable advice (shout out to Blake for reminding me it's ok to ask friends for help!) that shaped the series before it even began.

Here is an example of the beautiful work that came from our trip,
a breath by Kelly Gibson
remember when on the way home from work you turned the corner onto your street and stopped only 12 steps from the front door thrown off by the beauty of the image before you of those tall NYC buildings from across the east river climbing up in the dark November sky you stopped, you took a breath in – actually took a breath in actually breathed, and cried at the sight, at the moment even after believing after saying you would never be as moved, as awed by the industrial, the man-made, the sprawling cityscapes as much as the natural but you stopped - you breathed - the power of man is stunning the product of human dreams - Breathtaking.  I think you still have a dream.  So breathe.



    On a bitter cold Sunday in the heart of Times Square, we had a cast & crew composed of 20+ people working to bring the world of What Am I Doing Here? to life.

    It could not have gone smoother! There are a lot of uncontrolled variables that come with filming an indie series in such a congested area. We had the usual nerves and discussed how to best handle any potential problems prior to arriving. However, it seemed the city gods were on our side. None of our imagined situations came to fruition. Our director & DP were focused and on schedule. Our crew always at the ready, making sure every take was the best it could be. Our actors remained in the moment and prepped to run the scenes as many times as necessary.

    And we all did it we big, goofy smiles on. A thrilling day for our whole team!




    On Sunday, January 28th, Alex, Danny, Jessica, Jarrod and I stood in the rain in the heart of Times Square trying to plot our next move for location scouting.

     While it may seem like a subway grate is an easy thing to find in New York City, we were not looking for just ANY subway grate. We were looking for THE subway grate. The one just unassuming yet aesthetically pleasing enough to film the meet cute for our two leads in episode one.

     We spotted our first potential grate across the street and walked over. I took my place on it. “This one is too small,” exclaimed Danny and Alex simultaneously. Everyone nodded in agreement and looked around helplessly, unsure of where to go next.

     I chimed in, “I could show you guys a second subway grate, the one that inspired me, but it is definitely too big.” We moved in the direction of our next spot hopeful that this grate would energize and focus our search.

     Danny suggested we walk along 7th avenue instead of Broadway in hopes of it being less congested. We turned the corner onto 7th when we spotted a third grate and were stopped in our tracks. A choir of angels sang out and it seemed that the clouds had cleared so the sun could beam down on this grimy hunk of steaming metal in the ground. It was potentially the most perfect subway grate in all of New York City.

     We looked at each other with equal excitement and joy. No words spoken until we began to yell a slew of positive affirmations, knowing we had found the subway grate worthy of introducing Charly and Greg. This one felt just right.

(see photo on Media page)